Wednesday, March 05, 2003

this morning i received this as part of an email from bea "i have noticed that you've not been blogging - is everything ok? i'm assuming
it is as i know that you have alot of key people around you who i am sure must be keeping you accountable and caring for you."
and it was just reassurring that God is knitting together one big spiritual community and i have not only people in my city, and people throughout the state but people throughout the nations that are striving to "be" christian community with me. it makes me thankful and mushy today!

Scripture says"in all things give thanks"
today i am thankful for the people that god has put around me that are wiser than i am
mark and dawn thames --- who encourage me, always take me back to scripture, always challenge me, and always look not only at the present but the past and the future. they are a wonderful example and they are faithful friends
bruce offield--who spends 4-6 hours a day in prayer and study of scripture -- no matter what. he is a prophet that is unashamed and his message is hard to the church in the west.
derek & amy chapmen--who are standing like the great cloud of witnesses cheering others on and speaking into the lives of those around them in always perfect timing b/c they really seem to know what it means to walk in the spirit.
Larry Coulter --- who is the most amazing member of a board that i have ever worked with. He has a gentle spirit and really shows me what it means to shepherd.
Bill Blackburn-- who has known me since i was 15 and is still my pastor.
Kay Miller--who is one of the wisest most prayerful women i know, who has consistently poured into my life. she brings to life the scripture "older women teach the younger women".
John Berryhill -- who is the most amazing guy to work with. He always believes the best in others and has never ever taken me for granted. And we can have the most amazing debates over the phone!

i am also thankful for the spiritual community i have that encompases everyone above and so many more:
Joshua & Kristen Rudd, Jessica Stricker, Erika Hughes,Andy and Bea Marshall, Nathan Russell, Amy Russell,Stacy Rodgers,
Nathan and Amy Johns, Robby Cload. Grace, Whitney and Brian Standerfer, Debra Watkins, Brandy and Sean Peak, Kerry and Dianna, and there are also those like life and joey, jennifer, jessica, melanie, and anna that our lives have intersected and i am so glad i can share my life and hope with them regardless of how they respond.

i could go on and on about the everyone on the list above but i am tired and that is for another day, perhaps even tommorrow. for now i am satisfied to know that we are tasting what scripture talks about regarding the unbelieving world knowing us for our love for one another.
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