Tuesday, March 11, 2003

jessica told me to blog --- so here is blogging -- but she is also pressuring me to make it life-changing and full of wisdom -- and it is just a little to late for that and i am still recovering from the big assessment weekend in San Antonio.

The weekend went really well. Being in San Antonio was a little like being at my old stomping grounds. Everything was so familiar. San Antonio is an amazing city, a little to traditional though (i was glad to get back to Austin). One thing that God totally orchestrated was the participation of 4 students from Hispanic Baptist Seminary. The seminary has a goal to equip missionaries and not just professionals and these guys were passionate. Two of the guys were from El Paso, and one from Brazil and the other from Mexico. They were so passionate about Jesus --- it was great. And I think they rubbed off on us.

Also everytime we do this our team seems to get knit tighter. This time we all got in the hot tub until around 1:30 am on saturday and others of us stayed up and chatted until after 4am! Needless to say i returned home exhausted and not seeing straight.

In addition to san antonio --- things have not been boring on the homefront. Details later!

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