Tuesday, February 18, 2003

well i am back from houston and now headed to dallas. should be a good time to catch up w/ kristen and joshua rudd, mark and dawn thames, and the guys from journey (jason & scott).

anyway, i was reading everyone's blog before i hit the road and thought i should blog before i go instead of reading everyone else's, so i thought i should share w/ you some thougths from the road..... ...

i was driving home from houston saturday night and i kept getting paranoid about missing the turn. every 15 minutes i would gasp and ask jessica "did we miss columbus". (now just for those of you who don't know me -- i drive this road A LOT) anyway i finally got to the turn relaxed and kept driving in the dark -- secure for now that i was on the right road. i think that is similar to where i am in my journey w/ God. i know i am on the right road, but i also sense a new direction coming, and i keep feeling like i have missed it b/c it seems i have been on this stretch so long.

ok this is all rough b/c i am running late --- jessica, martina and i are headed to look at a house downtown to rent for use during wabi sabi to serve as a meeting place.....and then i am on the road again!
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