Saturday, February 08, 2003

it is finally winter here in Texas. yesterday evening I enjoyed quite the night w/ Derek and Amy and this morning Jessica and I spent the day lounging and perusing scripture. We ended up in Romans Chapter 9 and then entered the discussion of limited atonement, predestination, being chosen etc........which led us to Kathleen Norris' Amazing Grace.

Kathleen Norris is a brilliant writer and poet, i would actually consider her a wordsmith. She has a chapter in her book called Chosen and she makes several references to Emily Dickenson and her relationship with Christ and the Church which may be similar to where we are today. If you have not heard of her book it takes several Christian terms and ideas (eschatology, salvation, incarnation, belief, doubt, repentance etc) and she really explains them in simple and profound ways

"It is true that (Emily) Dickenson found little room for herself in the church of her own day, but her engagement with Christ, and with Christ's sufferings, was profound."

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