Wednesday, January 15, 2003


It is wednesday afternoon and i have already spent significant time in three different cities in Texas. On Sunday, Bruce, Jessica and I headed for Houston. We crashed at jeff and shelly waldo's house and had many hours of fascinating discussion. Jeff is now blogging and our brains will be broadly expanded i am sure by just keeping up with his blog. His blog is blue kitchen. Then yesterday morning we left Houston and headed to dallas. We caught up w/ the Rudds, Mark Thames. Dropped Bruce off at the a/p and then caught up with Jason Mueller and Scott Gronto -- two guys that are pastoring Journey- a church in dallas. Then Jessica and I took a nap before heading back to Austin.

It is good to be home for a few days of Rest before spending the weekend at Fort Hood.

Speaking of Rest. Everyone has been giving me quite a hard time about doing too much, not resting, enjoying life etc etc etc. Just FYI -- I have been resting more, and I am working on streamlining the things that I am involved in, in order to have more time to just BE while at the same time be involved in some big projects

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