Monday, January 06, 2003

My friend Kristen published the following on her blog today and it totally resinated w/ what i was feeling today so i had to share....

Was reading Utne the other day and came across a great quote from an article entitled, "The Consequences of Saying Yes." Here it is: "Whenever we decide to follow a calling, we risk giving up a simple life for one that is more demanding and complex. Anyone whose goal is 'something higher,' author Milan Kundera says, must expect someday to suffer vertigo, which is not just the fear of falling, but also the desire to fall; it is the voice of the emptiness below that tempts and lures us. The shift from no to yes in your life can be as challenging as any psychological shift. It may drive you to make decisions you previously avoided. . . . The dizzying, even chaotic result may have profound consequences."

it's good to know that the desire to fall or fail or quit is part of the cost. That makes me feel much less lonely.

You can check out Kristen and Joshua's blog (her husband) here

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