Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy New Year! It has been a good beginning. Martina arrived from the Czech Republic, via north carolina and florida. Last night she and erika and i talked about the end of one year/ season and the beginning of a new one. Then we had an amazing time of prayer. (It is always amazing to pray w/ prophetic people!) Erika went home and this morning martina and I read Psalm 118 and prayed. It was thick with the presence of God. Overall I am glad to see 2002 go and 2003 come. Although 2002 was an exciting year with lots of changes, I am excited for the new year.

Martina will try to take a test to use her nurses education in the US and change her tourist visa to a working visa. (please pray for her) The next couple of weeks John and will be working on determing the critical/strategic tasks for ECN this year and I will be working on laying the foundation for Doxaqeren. Also The end of jan or first of feb. several of us will be meeting around the state to talk about the most strategic and seemless ways to pair business initives with mission endeavors to support and sustain missionaries and church planters.
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