Wednesday, December 04, 2002

well we are gearing up for our fist big show for qeren. i am scrounging to gather goods today. i will be setting up and doing a show for 500 people in dallas on monday and tuesday of next week. this is one of the first steps in gathering steam for our new tent making system. if you want more information you can check out our blog for doxaqeren
Doxaqeren is the name of the overall corporation/ urban monastary that will be comprised of three parts: a contemplative space, community, and a business piece. The business will be QEREN we will be selling unique goods created by artist hoping to get the artist a greater % of the profit as well as using the profit produced to support mission endeavors worldwide. If you are reading this please pray. 1) for this first show to be a success 2) for God to create partnerships with the right artist both locally and globally 3) for wisdom as we step out in this new venture. If you know someone who makes great art but is still relatively unknown email me

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