Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas! today i feel rather bah-humbug! i have been in a funk for the last several days ---and it is definately interfering w/ my Christmas spirit.

The last time i blogged it was in between trips to houston and dallas. In Houston the conversation was primarily about how do we create modern day tent making systems to support an organic church planting movement. (or in other words how do we combing business initives and mission endeavors to support and sustaing church planters and missionaries as denominational funds are going away). The conversation was intense but it seems like we are headed somewhere and not just talking. After my trip to houston i headed home to austin and then the next day drove to dallas to do a show for doxaqeren. I caught up w/ Joshua & Kristen Rudd. I love these guys so much and i was glad to get a chance to catch up w/ them. From there I headed home and i have had a rough few days.

Some of it I know is that we are entering into a season of greater warfare-- the other part for me is my family and not really having a family that knows or understands me.

i just thought i should blog today--not b/c i feel like it-- more b/c i don't
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