Wednesday, November 20, 2002

WOW! the party has arrived i wish i felt a little more up to it all. however i must say robby's magic hands helped. yesterday stacy and andrew and i went to san antonio. we visited the alamo and had lunch on the river walk. then last night we hung out. jessica made an awesome dinner and then we headed to spiderhouse where we all engaged in a spontanious game of charades. today we all went our own direction. the boys headed out for a game of frisbee golf and a tour of the capital. then "pinks" had a visit w/ a dps officer to discuss the differences in american and english gear. jessica and i had our first official pitch for doxa qeren -- the urban monastary / business initive. erika did jessica's hair -- and it is RAD! we are off to dinner at hula hut followed by shelton's hockey game....thank goodness i caught a nap.....better go -- more later (it is nice to have spontanious worship springing up in my apartment as people arrive!)

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